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We partner with leading Healthcare Platforms, EAPs, and Corporate Wellness companies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who are your instructors?

    Our instructors are leading mental health professionals, authors, and psychologists.

  • What topics are covered in the library?

    Our library covers most mental health topics, including stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, mindfulness, parenting, relationships and much more.

  • How can my platform integrate the videos?

    Our partners integrate our videos directly on their platform, either as MP4 videos or private Vimeo Links.

  • Who do you work with?

    We partner with healthcare platforms, wellness apps, employee assistance programs, corporate wellness companies, and any other organization that would like to include mental health video content in their offering.

  • How does licensing work?

    Licensing contracts are year or multi-year contracts that allow partners to provide our content to their audience/customers.

  • How much does it cost?

    We have several options depending on our partner's pricing model. Pricing depends on factors like audience size. We work collaboratively with our partners to ensure a long-term relationship.

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